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NEW PRODUCT: Leveraging all that we learned with STABILITY SYSTEM over 30+ years, ScienTek Software has introduced iStability® LIMS, another revolutionary stability management product that offers a web-based interface along with many other features and conveniences that you would expect to see in a modern application. We cordially invite you to visit to learn more about iStability® LIMS.

Stability information management
Test scheduling
Statistical data analysis and graphical presentation
Sample inventory and usage management
Label printing
Security issues
21 CFR Part 11 issues
Training and support
Validation issues
Other non-stability tasks supported (e.g. APR)
Only from ScienTek Software, Inc.
ScienTek Software has used the words of STABILITY SYSTEM as the name for our flagship product since 1983. It is known that the name of STABILITY SYSTEM has been misused by others. When the product name of STABILITY SYSTEM is used in whole or in part, make sure that the product is indeed a genuine product from ScienTek Software.
2013 AAPS - San Antonio
ScienTek Software, Inc. exhibited at the 2013 AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) Annual Meeting and Exposition in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, from new faces to current colleagues.
eStability Suite - Are you ready?
FDA will require electronic submission of stability information in eStability XML format... Click here to learn more on how ScienTek Software can help you meet this important change.
iStability® MKT
iStability® MKT (formerly STABILITY SYSTEM II) is a program developed by ScienTek Software used to calculate the Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT).
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Click here for a short history of MKT (.pdf)